Centauro Tan


Men's after-ski boots, gritty look.

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Centauro Tan

Men's boots with a water-repellent full grain York leather upper. Removable lining in Virgin Wool and aluminium, that guarantees an excellent isolation from chill. Beaver-effect ecofur collar.


ISOWARM innersole, thermoformed in fleece, that keeps your foot warm and dry perfectly isolating itfrom chill and so reaching the thermal balance.


Frontal closure with laces. Aggressive look, also guaranteed by a special gum Vibram sole, got by a compound that offers an extra30% grip on smooth surfaces, with a well marked grip. It's a reliable product on uneven grounds and it provides stabilityand comfort in walking.

Also available with anti-slip OC System: a 2 positions rotating insert, that allows you to walk comfortably and safely on icy surfaces (Grip-on), or on all other surfaces without damaging them (Grip-off).

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Shoe Height High
Color Brown
Technologies Isowarm, Lana Vergine, Vibram
Centauro Tan
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